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Dr. Arthada P.C. about Gunagriha

Gunagriha-Sri-Chinmoy-discipleDr. Alexander Fülöp, alias Gunagriha, saw the light of day in the year 1949 in Transylvania, a region in Romania with a sizeable Hungarian population.

What an irony of fate that this strong-willed, independence- and freedom-loving soul had to grow up under the totalitarian communist regime of Ceausescu! His childhood took a relatively normal course, apart from the fact that his intellectual abilities were far above average (as can be seen from his marks in school, and later on, medical college). After graduating from college, Gunagriha worked as a dentist and married a colleague. Soon, his wife gave birth to two sons. Outwardly, Gunagriha seemed to have accomplished everything one might ask for, but he was not satisfied. Since childhood, he had the desire to lead a free life. He was too sensitive and too much of an independent thinker to accept the brutal and totalitarian regime in his homeland. It didn’t take long, then, for the Securitate, Romania’s secret police, to set its sights on Gunagriha. The Securitate finally blacklisted him and even arrested him for a short time and repeatedly subjected him to brutal interrogations.

In 1979, Gunagriha put all his eggs into one basket and set out on an adventurous escape to Austria. Everything he could take with him was an equivalent of 10$, on which he got by on the first day away from home. He then made a living in Austria, brought along his family to Vienna and ended up running a big, successful dental practise of his own. His life’s dream had been fulfilled, living in prosperity and in a country where freedom rules, or so he thought.To his astonishment he found that he still wasn’t happy. He realised that the people in the West were not really “free” – at least not free in the way he had always dreamed of being, although he never quite knew what he actually wanted. Anyway, he saw that the people here suffered just as much from worries, depression and frustration as in his home country. And so his indeterminate search continued.

Sri-Chinmoy-Gunagriha's-MasterFinally in 1987, he found something in a Buddhist book shop: On the cover of a book on meditation, he saw the picture of the spiritual master Sri Chinmoy and he thought to himself, “I don’t know what meditation is, but in this face I have discovered the radiance and the qualities I have been looking for.” Following the instructions of the book, Gunagriha began his search within.

In his first attempt at meditation, he quickly reached a state beyond space and time, and a breathtaking experience revealed to him the cosmic dimension of the human being. As he returned from this state of infinite consciousness, his heart pounding, he was deeply shocked at the limitation, at the unconsciousness in which people spent their days.After this experience, Gunagriha persistently pursued the practise of meditation to delve deeper into the inner layers of his consciousness and to find out more about his true “Self”. Finally, he also became formally accepted as student of the enlightened Yoga teacher Sri Chinmoy, which hastened his inner development and brought about a deep change in his view of the world. He underwent a spiritual transformation that at times was so intense that he sometimes prayed to God to slow it down.

Gunagriha – not necessarily a religious person by birth –  now realised beyond any doubt that God exists and that God guides everyone and everything. He also realised that he had been guided by the invisible hand of his master for a long time.Among the 7,000 students of Sri Chinmoy, Gunagriha was given a special position from the start. He certainly ranks among Sri Chinmoy’s favourite disciples. Under the loving and wise guidance of his master, Gunagriha’s life took an eventful and turbulent turn. Sometimes he climbed the sublime pinnacles of spiritual realisation. He experienced states of being that, by virtue of his own direct perception, confirmed the holy scriptures, which say that the whole world is divine in its essence. In these states, his love knows no bounds and he ecstatically perceives the most common things of life as the manifold manifestations of the one ultimate reality. Then there were times when he had to cross scorching and endless deserts, “spiritual dry spells”, which sometimes drove him to despair. But he always managed to “awaken” from these abysses of spiritual void to proceed on his inner journey, each time with a deeper understanding and a richer sense of fulfilment.Genuine masters always guide their students individually. In the case of less developed seekers, they have to use sandpaper or a fine file – figuratively speaking – to carefully grind off the “edges of the ego” bit by bit. The few very advanced souls, or I might say, seekers with extraordinary surrender, which definitely applies to Gunagriha, are thrown into the master’s mortar, to use one of Gunagriha’s expressions. There, they are completely crushed only to be rebuilt from scratch in a better way. Just compare the two pictures of Gunagriha: one was taken before his inner journey, the other one 12 years later. Then you will see what I mean. The pictures are worth a thousand words.“Gunagriha“, by the way is a spiritual name, which was conferred on Dr. Alexander Fülöp by his spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy.

This name reflects the meaning or the task of his soul and could be translated thus: “The God-lover who possesses many, many divine qualities.” And this actually sums him up, even in the outer world: Gunagriha is not only running a bustling dental office in Vienna, he also presides over a respectable up-and-coming Hungarian enterprise with more than 50 employees. Moreover, he was designated by his master as head of all Hungarian Sri Chinmoy Centres, although he doesn’t even live in Hungary, but in Vienna. And to round things off, he gained international recognition as a writer and lecturer. In some European countries, he is regarded as one of the leading authorities on the inner search, and is specially appreciated for his outstanding genuineness. Gunagriha is no theorist, no Don Quixote. As a matter of principle, he only talks about things he experienced and realised himself.What sets Gunagriha, this exceptional personality, apart from average people are his many, many good qualities that he is embodying. The diverse human and mystical experiences he was allowed to make in his intense life have left their marks. He has reached a state of consciousness in which his heart took control of his very developed mind. For this reason, he possesses a kind of wisdom that is extremely rare and whose ultimate source is love.Gunagriha does not want to be a master, he only wants to share his interesting experiences with other seekers. He wants to show them how beautiful and fulfilling life is, once you stop expecting fulfilment from the outer world, which is elusive. True freedom, true fulfilment – such is Gunagriha’s realisation – can only be experienced while on an inner journey, a spiritual quest.


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