Out of Body

The story of Gunagriha

Nowadays we often hear about people who temporarily leave their body, either during an accident or some other, often extreme circumstance. This we usually find difficult to believe, since we ourselves did not experience it.

The film „Out of Body“ chronicles the story of Gunagriha Alexander Fülöp, who in December 1987, after reading a book on meditation, had an experience which diametrically and forever changed his life. He left his physical body and experienced an amazing and breathtaking expansion of awareness into the vast cosmos.

Gunagriha was born in a small village in 1949 in Transilvania, Romania, from where he escaped during the communist era, and moved to Vienna in 1979. There he opened up a dentist clinic, and started to live a life driven by money.

After his out-of-body experience, he decided to start a new life, based on totally different values. Besides his dentist job, he started to give lectures on meditation, and since 1990 he has given more then 300 lectures throughout Europe. He is also an author of 3 books.

In the film, he introduces us to his earlier life and explains the significance of his experience of 1987. He also shares his philosophy of life which he lives today.

With his story he doesn’t want to force his views onto anyone, only inspire, so that people might search for their own inner self, their wonderful inner reality.

In the film there is a special appearance by Ashrita Furman (USA), who is the holder of the most Guinness Records in the world, and who states that the secret of his amazing feats is meditation.

The 22-minute short documentary was filmed in 3 continents, 8 countries and features special video footage from NASA.


GUNAGRIHA – We are Spiritual Beings

A documentary with Gunagriha,
telling breathtaking stories about his spiritual life.

(Language: Hungarian – with english subtitles)

Released: 2012 July, Hungary


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