Beauty`s Dream or how I got a student

Our dog Spoty died in 2005.

Afterwards we told ourselves that we no longer needed a dog, since we spent a lot of time abroad with Guru, and a dog can’t live alone. Time passed by. But once a dog person, always a dog person. That was true for us too. Marami kept buying books on dog breeds, and we browsed those books looking for breeds that we should not buy. Though we were sometimes close to purchasing a dog, my mind always called the whole thing off.

In spring 2007 Marami discovered a breed that we liked very much: the Cane Corso, a dog of opposites. It is tall, but agile, loves running, jumps up to two meters with a weight of 50 kilograms, is short-haired, but withstands the cold, has an agreeable nature, loves children and the family, but is an unbribable guard dog. So we went on a search for a puppy of this breed. We selected a puppy and pre-ordered it, but I later got a bad feeling about it and we kept looking. Finally, we found a special puppy, different from its fellow puppies both in color and character.

We liked it so much that I immediately made a down payment and took a couple of pictures. A week later, I went to New York to visit my Guru. Marami was bent on having this particular puppy and said I shouldn’t tell Guru about it, lest he didn’t want us to have the dog. However, she was of course never really believing in this possibility. On the first evening in New York, I showed the puppy’s pictures to Guru. I was quite surprised to see Guru pleased. He smiled and meditated on the puppy, and then asked which name I had given it. Instead of answering right away, I asked if it would be the right thing for us to take this puppy.

At this, Guru gave it a name: Beauty’s Dream. We can call it Beauty, but its soul’s name is Beauty’s Dream, Guru said.

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